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What types of events do you specialize in?

I specialize in weddings, corporate and social events. Some typical social events include, but are not limited to: birthday parties, club events, premiere/wrap parties, holiday parties and festivals.  I have the experience to perform for any type of event and crowd.


Where are your based? Do you travel?


I am  based in Los Angeles, but will travel to any destination you wish. I have performed internationally in places such as Berlin, Germany and I love to travel! Keep in mind, additional travel charges may apply.


How much do you charge?


It depends on several factors including the type of event and what type of package you need (i.e. how many hours, sound and lighting requirements, etc). For quote and availability CONTACT me today!


Do you have reviews and/or references?


Yes,  I have over a hundred real online reviews on Thumbtack. Check out what people are saying about my services. You can also view a video testimonial of my work here!

Do you bring your own sound and/or DJ setup?


Yes, typically, I bring all of my own sound and DJ setup to your event. However, some venues do have installed sound systems or do offer their own in-house a/v hookup for your DJ. If that's the case then I will be in contact with the venue to determine their sound requirements. Additionally, if I am traveling, I may require sound and DJ setup to be provided, depending on the location of the event.


Are you just a DJ or MC too? Do you make announcements?


Yes to both of those!! An overlooked skill of a great DJ is also being a great MC. I am very comfortable on the mic and have several years experience as an MC as well.


What type of music do you play?


I specialize in the "open" format of DJing, which simply means I can play pretty much any genre of music. What type of music I play at each event depends on the type of event, the crowd, and most importantly, what type of music you want played!


Can we choose the music we want played? Do you take requests?


Yes. I am extremely flexible when it comes to music selection for each event. Some clients will want to choose all the music to be played at their event, while others simply sit back and let me decide what music will be best for their event. I recommend providing at least some idea of what genres of music you want at your event. I am also open to requests from your guests. The goal is to make your guests happy as well. However, you can also ask that I do not take requests from your guests. You and your guests will also receive access to an Online Planning Tool where requests can be made before the event. The most important thing to remember is that I have enough experience to be able to read crowds and have an excellent judgment of what your guests will want to hear or will dance to.


Do you mix the music?


Yes!  Most DJs essentially do the same thing - spin records and entertain a crowd - but it's how I do it that makes the difference. In addition to reading the crowd and appropriate song selection, the fundamental skill of a great DJ is being able to mix, blend and transition different songs and genres together.  I have the skill set and experience to seamlessly mix all different types of music together to create exciting live remixes and transitions that we will keep the energy on the dance floor, so the beat never drops.


Do you offer lighting?


Yes, I can provide all types of lighting, including dance floor and uplighting. Check out one of my lighting setups here!


Do you offer photo booths?


No, I do not offer photo booths. I am focused on offering you the best in DJ/MC, sound and lighting services. A great photo booth deserves great attention to detail, so I leave it to the pros - an actual photo booth company.


Do you require a contract and deposit?


Yes, a signed contract along with a deposit is required for booking me for any event. The contract is designed to be very straightforward so you can understand the terms and feel a high level of trust and communication before and during your event.


Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully covered and can provide you or your venue with appropriate insurance documentation.

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